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Keep your dog or puppy happy, healthy and safe.


Happy, well-behaved dogs are dogs who lead enriched lives. If your dog or puppy is bored, or hasn’t been exposed to a variety of changes or experiences during her crucial socialisation period, she can develop severe behavioural problems and anxieties.

Here are some ideas you can try to keep your dog’s life enriched and happy:

  • Let her keep her favourite toy with her, but try rotating and varying the other toys she plays with. However, don’t bombard her with thousands of toys or experiences at once.
  • Stretch meal times out by feeding her in a puzzle bowl or putting her food in a plastic drink bottle with a few holes cut in the sides.
  • Give her a Kong filled with all sorts of treats e.g., cheese, liver treats, peanut butter and soaked dog biscuits.
  • Freeze raw bones. For an added challenge, freeze them in an ice-cream tub of water.
  • Create a treasure hunt by scattering or hiding her food around your house or yard.
  • Fill cardboard boxes with treats and spray them with different smells such as lavender or mint.
  • Take her to places she hasn’t been to before e.g., new beaches, bushland or parks, so that she can experience new and interesting sights and sounds.
  • Try different training sessions in your home or with a group e.g., agility, doggy dancing, fly ball and obedience classes.
  • Visit dog parks or arrange a doggy play date with another friendly dog. Consider adopting another dog so they can keep each other company while you are out.
  • Some dogs love to chase or watch bubbles. There are even bubbles that have different scents, including bacon and peanut butter.
  • Give your dog hanging toys that dispense treats when they are bumped or pulled.

RSPCA NSW has a huge selection of toys in our Care Centres and in the retail areas in our shelters.