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Learn how to care for your pet bird.


If you keep your pet bird in a cage, use these guidelines to determine the best size to ensure she stays happy and healthy:

  • The minimum width of her cage should be three times the length of her wingspan (the length of her wings when they are stretched out). For two birds, it should be three times their combined wingspan.
  • The minimum length of her cage should allow her to flap her wings at least twice between perches, preferably in a horizontal direction, as birds don’t usually fly straight up and down.
  • The minimum height of her cage should be three times the length of your bird (from her head to the tip of her tail).

Make sure her cage or aviary is stainless steel, and not galvanised or copper wire, which can cause heavy metal poisoning.

You should position the cage so at least one of your bird’s perches is at your shoulder height. This will give your bird a sense of security, as most bird species like to be up high.

Birds also need protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions, so make sure she can perch in a place that’s sheltered from direct sunlight, rain and wind. Use natural perches (not the smooth, round ones that sometimes come with cages) to prevent foot injuries.

Keep her aviary or cage hygienic by cleaning it out every few days or more often, if needed.