Where We’re Going

The past few months of widespread bushfires have been nothing short of a tragedy. Our hearts break for the countless people and animals who have been catastrophically impacted. As the weeks, months and years of recovery begin, RSPCA NSW plans to stand right beside all those that have been affected – offering assistance, supplies, veterinary advice, treatment and shelter, wherever possible.

The following map paints a picture of where we’ve been so far, and in which communities we’ve provided support. With the help of our generous donors, we plan to grow our impact and reach even more animals who are in desperate need of our help. Helping creatures great and small is the foundation on which our organisation has been built and when disasters such as these strike, we will keep our promise to be an effective form of relief and comfort to these vulnerable communities in need.

This map is a representation and should not be used as an official resource in any capacity. The fire zones marked are not all active, it simply represents the main fire zones in the past few months across NSW. For precise data or information about active fire zones, please refer to the RFS Fires Near Me app or website.