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Welcome to the RSPCA NSW Media Centre. Here, you can access the latest media releases and news content.

For more information or an interview with an RSPCA NSW spokesperson, please contact the RSPCA NSW Communications Team on 0488 905 353 or at media@rspcansw.org.au

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Media FAQs

Wherever possible, RSPCA NSW likes to assist journalism students (and others) with their enquiries and interview requests. Please note that our ability to take part and meet deadlines depends on the capacity of our small team.

RSPCA NSW invites you to email all student enquiries directly to the RSPCA NSW Communications Team at media@rspcansw.org.au. Please include as much detail as possible, including the specific interview questions and deadline. Student requests generally take 10 working days to turn around.

RSPCA NSW often involves shelter animals in media where available and appropriate. Some considerations include whether the media opportunity directly aims to rehome shelter animals, educate the community about animal welfare issues, or promote other core values of the organisation.

Please note that our policy restricts animals being used as ‘props’ for media that is not intrinsically aimed at achieving our core goals. Furthermore, the specific welfare of the animals involved must be paramount at every turn, and may restrict certain animals from being involved in media, or certain opportunities from being considered.

To enquire about a media opportunity, or for more information on RSPCA NSW’s use of animals in media, please email the RSPCA NSW Communications Team at media@rspcansw.org.au.

Thank you so much for your interest in making a lifesaving difference to animals in need. RSPCA NSW loves working with likeminded ambassadors to achieve positive public relations exposure for animal welfare issues and the thousands of animals rehomed by the organisation each year.

There are so many ways brand ambassadors can get involved, and RSPCA NSW can work closely with you to develop a strategy that fits within your availabilities and passion.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, please get in touch with the RSPCA NSW Communications Team at media@rspcansw.org.au. Please note that all potential ambassadors are vetted for appropriateness and to ensure no conflicts of interest with the organisation’s main values.

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