Learn about the responsibilities of being a pet owner.

Pets and Rental Properties

RSPCA NSW receives regular enquiries from concerned pet owners who have difficulty finding pet-friendly rental properties. Some pet owners believe that given the current demand for rental property, landlords refuse applications from pet owners based on the fear that pets will damage property and reduce the value of the dwelling over time.

RSPCA NSW recommends reading RSPCA ACT’s publication ‘Should I share my apartment with a dog?’ before deciding to apply for an apartment tenancy or purchasing a pet if you’re already in a pet-friendly strata scheme. You can find this document here.

Tips on renting with a pet

  • Put together a ‘pet resume’ detailing information about your pet.
  • Supply references about your pet from your previous landlord, trainer or veterinarian.
  • If you’re negotiating for birds or pocket pets, supply an image of their enclosure.
  • Introduce your pet to your potential landlord.
  • Supply your landlord with a written declaration that you will pay for any and all damages that may be caused to the property by your pet. You could also offer an additional pet bond.
  • Negotiate an agreement with your landlord for them to inspect the property to ensure your pet has not caused any damage.