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Keep your dog or puppy happy, healthy and safe.


All dogs need a place where they can feel secure, so it’s very important to provide her with a clean, comfortable and safe environment. A sheltered area out of the rain and cold is essential, and the yard must be escape-proof. She will also need access to fresh water and a place to go to the toilet.

If she sleeps outside, the area must:

  • be escape-proof and securely fenced
  • contain a warm, dry, draught-free kennel consisting of a floor, three solid walls and a roof
  • include sheltered areas

If your dog sleeps inside, make sure she has a comfortable bed in a quiet area where she can have some privacy.

Puppies are often very energetic and enjoy chewing things around the house. So if you are adopting a young dog, you may want to puppy-proof your property to prevent her from damaging anything.