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Become a foster carer and look after some of RSPCA NSW’s most in-need animals.

Foster Care

RSPCA NSW’s Foster Care program provides temporary homes to animals who need a helping hand. This might be because these animals are too small or young to be adopted, recovering from illness or surgery, are undergoing rehabilitation or even just finding the shelter environment too stressful. Our foster care program also supports animals in regional locations that do not have RSPCA NSW facilities. By placing animals into foster homes, it provides them with the care and support they need until they are ready to be adopted into loving forever homes.

Becoming an RSPCA NSW foster carer is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of some of the state’s most vulnerable animals.

Become an RSPCA NSW foster carer in four easy steps:

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Step 1

View the RSPCA NSW locations currently looking for foster carers, and if you find the right match, click ‘Fill in an application’.

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Step 2

Each application is checked by our volunteering team. If we have any questions, we’ll be in touch!

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Step 3

Once approved, complete an online induction and any additional training available to you through our online portal.

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Step 4

Become a foster carer and make a lifesaving difference to animals in need. We’ll be in touch when an animal requires foster care that matches your family, lifestyle and living space.

Foster Care FAQs

In 2019/20, RSPCA NSW foster carers welcomed over 5,118 animals into their homes and families. That’s 5,118 animals who were given the opportunity to:

  • Receive medical treatment, such as vaccinations and desexing, before they were rehomed
  • Recover from surgery or illness in a stress-free space
  • Care for their young litters
  • Receive rehabilitation, rest or time out from the shelter environment
  • Experience a family environment while they wait to get adopted

Our foster carers are crucial to the ongoing wellbeing and rehabilitation of our animals. Their generosity, patience and unbounding love gives so many wonderful animals a second chance at happiness.

Thanks for being interested! Foster caring is such a fun and rewarding way to donate your time. To become an RSPCA NSW foster carer, we ask that you:

  • Are aged 18 or older, with all residents of your household agreeing to foster caring
  • Can provide a safe and secure environment for fostered animals
  • Have reliable transport, especially in the case of an emergency
  • Can provide daily care for the animals in your care
  • Attend or complete foster care training sessions
  • Follow all RSPCA NSW policies and procedures

Absolutely! These circumstances should not prevent you from becoming an RSPCA NSW foster carer. However, please note that we always do our best to match animals with the best possible foster carer, so not all animals can be fostered in all homes.

If you do have pets already at home, you will need to ensure they:

  • Are up to date with vaccinations, as well as flea and worming treatments
  • Are preferably desexed
  • Can be kept separate from where your animals will predominantly reside, to ensure they have a safe space in your home to call ‘theirs’

If you wish to foster dogs, you may need to bring your existing pets into the shelter or meet the potential foster dog, to ensure they will get on well.

We cannot provide specific dates for how long you will foster an animal because each case is unique. We’ll do our best to give you an estimate based on the information at hand and what the animal requires from their foster home.

We do provide supplies! Any bedding, food, toys, and medications are provided by RSPCA NSW. Just add love.

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Become a Volunteer

You can lend a hand in many ways, from walking dogs to joining fundraising events.

Become a monthly donor and transform the lives of animals in need today.