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Dog Walking Guidelines

While different-sized animals will have different exercise needs, dogs need to be given daily exercise off-tether, outside of enclosures. Exercise includes both physical effort and mental stimulation. This could involve taking your dog for a walk, letting him run freely in your backyard, playing games with him, or letting him explore and have social contact in a designated off-leash park.

Even if you have a large yard, your dog can still become bored, so a daily outing to stimulate his brain and allow him to explore new places is very important.

Please remember that some dogs will require an hour-long walk twice a day, while others may not enjoy walks at all. If your dog shows signs that he is afraid while on a walk, do not persist. Instead, contact RSPCA NSW for further advice.

Always make sure you take treats with you when exercising your dog, so you can continue positive training. Taking poo bags with you is also an important part of being a responsible dog owner.