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Bathing and Grooming

When cats groom themselves, they can ingest fur, resulting in fur balls in their stomach. Because of this, regularly brushing and grooming your cat is essential. If you establish this habit early in your cat’s life, it will become an enjoyable activity and provide routine bonding time.

Although short-haired cats don’t require as much grooming as those with longer coats, most still enjoy being brushed. However, long-haired cats will usually need grooming at all times of the year to avoid their hair becoming matted and your home becoming covered in fur.

As not all long-haired cats will allow themselves to be brushed, some may require the help of your veterinarian and be sedated for clipping. Speak to your veterinarian about the best way to clean and groom your cat.

You will also need to provide your cat with a scratching post to keep his nails in good condition and remove fragments of his old nails.