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Learn how to care for your pet bird.


Birds are intelligent animals who require regular exercise and mental stimulation. If they are kept in a cage, they must have regular access to a flight aviary or another safe space (indoors, for example) for flying.

RSPCA NSW is opposed to tethering birds (tying them to something) because of the severe restrictions this places on their movement. In NSW, tethering a bird is illegal.

The safest toys for birds are ones made from hard plastics, untreated wood and paper, and native branches and flowers. Do not use metal twist-ties to secure objects in your bird’s cage, as these may contain poisonous heavy metals. When using native branches and flowers, rinse them first and make sure they haven’t been taken from somewhere that has been sprayed with pesticides.

It’s possible to train your bird to perform certain behaviours, such as going to the toilet in one spot, or walking onto your hand. You can do this by using rewards such as giving her a tasty food treat when she does what you ask. This will reinforce the behaviour and make training enjoyable for her.