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Learn how to care for your pet bird.


It’s important to provide a balanced and varied diet for your bird. Different types of birds have different diets, so you should consult a bird veterinarian or experienced aviculturist.

To vary your bird’s diet, provide her with a combination of both a high-quality commercial food and some natural foods e.g., fresh fruits with the seeds removed, greens, native flowers, seeding grasses and vegetables. Always check that you are providing her with appropriate and non-toxic foods.

Your bird’s food should always be fresh and clean. Change her food regularly instead of topping it up to ensure it stays fresh. Check her food containers daily to make sure she has enough food, and make sure you store it in a way that prevents it from spoiling.

You can also place a cuttlefish bone (available from pet product stores) in your bird’s cage to provide her with important minerals. Some bird species also require mixed grit and a source of calcium.

Remember that sunflower seeds should only be used as a treat as they are very high in fat.

Never feed your bird avocado, chocolate, coffee, garlic or onion.