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RSPCA NSW provides lifesaving rescue and rehabilitation services to animals in need.


RSPCA NSW undertakes a great deal of animal training and behaviour modification in-house, under the guidance of our skilled staff.

In an effort to keep pets in their homes, we extend our support through the Surrender Intervention Program. This provides assistance for pet owners facing difficulties with regard to their pets’ behaviour.

Common behavioural concerns include:

  • aggression
  • arousal e.g., an escalation in excitement, hard-mouthing and jumping
  • boredom
  • escape behaviour
  • fearful or fear-based behaviours
  • generalised anxiety
  • lack of training or manners
  • resource guarding of bedding, food, property, toys, treats or any other perceived high-value resources
  • separation anxiety
  • storm and wind phobia

RSPCA NSW continues to develop our outreach and internal animal behaviour programs to ensure they best meet the needs of the community and the animals arriving into care.

Contact your local RSPCA NSW Veterinary Hospital today here to learn more about behaviour.

Behaviour FAQs

Our behaviour program relies on donations from our generous supporters. If you’d like to help support our team and give RSPCA animals a better chance at finding a new home, please donate today.