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Explore the work RSPCA NSW does to help animals and their owners in the community.

Working in Communities

RSPCA NSW believes that pets and people belong together. Financial circumstances alone are not a reliable indicator of a person’s capacity to love and care for a companion animal, and strong bonds between people and their pets make for stronger communities.

Sadly, a number of factors, including illness, a lack of accessible or affordable veterinary care, poverty and a shortage of pet-friendly housing can result in even the most devoted pet owner having to relinquish a beloved pet to a local rescue group or shelter. But keeping pets and people together is often the best outcome for the pets, their owners, and the community – and this is what RSPCA NSW strives to achieve.

Stray cats in communities

In some communities, stray cats have become quite prevalent, we can all help reduce the number of strays and help them find these cats loving homes. If you have found a stray adult cat, or stray kittens we’ve got you covered with our step by step action plan on what to do next.

We have even included a handy decision tree to help you decide what is the best course of action!

Working in Communities FAQs

If you’re interested in a specific community program, please contact our team by emailing programsgroup@rspcansw.org.au or phoning (02) 9782 4408. Our team will be able to assist you further, and ensure the program you’re interested in is the best fit for you and your pets.

Thank you for looking out for a person or animal who may need some extra assistance. Please contact our team by emailing programsgroup@rspcansw.org.au or phoning (02) 9782 4408.

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