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Care for Animals

For many Australians, pets are important members of the family, but they are a big responsibility. If you decide you have room for a pet in your life and can provide him with the care and attention he deserves, then consider adopting a forever friend from an RSPCA NSW shelter.

Choosing the right pet is an enjoyable process, but takes time, planning and plenty of research. You need to carefully consider the needs of both yourself and of any animal who comes into your life. Here at RSPCA NSW, we are often left with the aftermath of impulse purchases.

Remember, pets are a lifelong commitment, but given the chance, they will love you for life.

Care for Animals FAQs

We offer a wealth of information on our Knowledgebase, which you can find here.

Please ask one of our qualified veterinarians for professional advice. You can find the contact details for our veterinary hospitals here.

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