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Meet Eleanor


Little bit about Eleanor, the Rescuoodle

I'm Eleanor, the feline equivalent of a solo artist. Let me whisk you away into the world of an independent, albeit slightly quirky, cat.

I value my personal space immensely. While I may not be hosting cat parties anytime soon, I promise to grace you with my unique presence when I feel the time is right. People? Hmm, let me give you a good sniff first. A nip here and there might be my way of saying hello. But don't fret; when I decide you're worthy, expect the most regal of head bunts. Leave me alone, and you might hear my melodious tunes.

A serene environment is a must. Loud noises and bustling activities are not my scene. I've tried the whole cat camaraderie thing; it's not for me. A one-cat household ensures peace and harmony (or at least as harmonious as I get). While I may be skeptical of newcomers, once I've deemed you trustworthy, you'll have a loyal companion for life.

Cat wands? Absolutely! I may not be a fan of every toy, but wave a wand in front of me, and you'll see my playful side emerge. There's nothing quite like curling up on a plush bed after a long day of… well, being a cat. I have a particular penchant for luxurious comfort. Ah, the allure of a good butt scratch. It's the little things in life, isn't it? Food is the way to my heart. Cream treats? Consider them my kryptonite.

If you're seeking a cat with depth, character, and a touch of sass, I might just be your purrfect match. An experienced cat aficionado who understands my quirks, a tranquil household, and perhaps a never-ending supply of cream treats are all I ask for. Care to embark on this feline journey with me? 🐾🖤

Love, Eleanor Xxx

  • Quiet/calm household
  • No other pets
  • Experienced cat owner
  • No kids under 12

Eleanor’s Information

Animal ID: 599352

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 2 Years 3 Months

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Cat

Colour: Charcoal/White

RON: R251000223

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