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Meet Turtle


Little bit about Turtle, the Rescuoodle

Hello, future friend! I’m Turtle, a quiet and shy cat who finds comfort in the coziest of hidey holes. My heart may take some time to win over, but with patience and a few delicious treats, I’ll show you my gentle and loving side. If you’re seeking a tranquil companion with a luxurious coat, I could be the perfect match for you!

I thrive in a calm and quiet home where I can feel safe and relaxed. Loud noises and sudden movements startle me, so a serene environment is essential. I love curling up in cozy hidey holes where I feel safe and secure. Providing me with plenty of snug spots around the house will help me feel at home. I adore basking in the warm sunlight. A quiet sunny spot where I can stretch out and soak up the rays would be my little slice of heaven. I have stunning long white and black fur that adds to my charm. Regular brushing will keep my coat looking its best and is a great way for us to bond.

Earning my trust takes time, but with patience and kindness, I’ll slowly come out of my shell. Offering me tasty treats is a sure way to my heart! Young kids can be a bit too rowdy for my delicate nature. I’m best suited for a home with adults or older teens who understand the need for a gentle approach.

I’m Turtle, a shy but loving cat who’s ready to find a peaceful home where I can thrive. With your patience and understanding, I’ll slowly reveal my sweet and affectionate side. Together, we can create a serene and loving home where I can come out of my shell and be your loyal friend. Looking forward to our peaceful future together,

Xxx, Turtle

–         Quiet/Calm Household

–         No kids under 12

Turtle’s Information

Animal ID: 609109

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Age: 4 Years 9 Months

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Type: Cat

Colour: Black/White

RON: R251000223

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