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Meet Chief


Little bit about Chief, the Rescuoodle

Chief is a confident and curious bunny with a charming personality.

He is outgoing and loves to interact with his human companions. Chief enjoys exploring new environments and playing with toys, especially ones he can toss around.

Chief is a striking bunny with a sleek coat in shades of blue cream and white. His expressive eyes and perky ears give him a distinguished look that is sure to capture your heart. Chief is seeking a loving home where he can be the center of attention.

Chief has a healthy appetite for hay, fresh greens, and rabbit pellets. He will benefit from a spacious enclosure with plenty of enrichment activities to keep him mentally stimulated.

If you are ready to welcome Chief into your home and provide him with the love and care he deserves, please come and meet this handsome bunny.

Chief’s Information

Animal ID: 609444

Breed: Rabbit

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Type: Rabbit

Colour: Grey

RON: R251000223

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Where to find Chief

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