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Meet Cuddle Pie


Little bit about Cuddle Pie, the Rescuoodle

Hi there! My name is Cuddle Pie, and I'm a delightful rabbit looking for my forever home.If you're in search of a sweet, affectionate companion, look no further!

I absolutely love affection and can never get enough cuddles. Whether you're petting me gently or holding me close, I'll nuzzle right up and enjoy every moment. I have a soft, grey coat that's perfect for snuggling. When I'm not busy soaking up affection, I love to play and explore. I have a curious nature and enjoy hopping around, discovering new nooks and crannies. Toys and tunnels are some of my favorite things, and I can entertain myself for hours with them.

I'm also quite the adventurer! If you have a safe space for me to roam, I'll happily hop around and investigate every corner. Exploring new environments is always exciting, and I'll bring a lot of joy and entertainment into your home.

I dream of finding a loving family that will appreciate my playful spirit and affectionate nature. Could that be you? If you think we might be the perfect match, I'd love to meet you and show you just how wonderful life with a bunny like me can be.

Love and snuggles, Cuddle Pie xx

Cuddle Pie’s Information

Animal ID: 610459

Breed: Rabbit

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Rabbit

Colour: Grey

RON: R251000223

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