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All Creatures Project

Thanks to generous animal lovers all across NSW, we raised almost $75,000 across three transformative programs – changing the lives of humans and animals in NSW, everyday.

To learn more about these programs, or to support them today, click through for more information. Alternatively, contact our Philanthropy Manager on

The animals and humans at RSPCA NSW thank you for your participation, generosity and sharing in the passion that is animal welfare.

Beyond the Shelter

No animal should be left without assistance and support. It has become increasingly important for RSPCA NSW to bring our services directly to the parts of NSW where the need is the greatest.

In the Mind of a Cat

Cats are unique companions with very special characteristics. And we know more than ever before about their very particular needs. Cats and kittens accounted for 56% of animals taken in last year, and we need to ensure we are enriching and elevating their stays in our shelters.

Improving Mental Health

When we are struggling, a beloved pet can offer unmatched levels of comfort and support. Knowing that people will forgo help for themselves if they are unsure that pets will be cared for, RSPCA NSW removes that barrier to help build healthier lives at both ends of the leash.