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Reptiles can make great pets, but in NSW, you must have a licence to keep a reptile and adhere to the stringent licence requirements designed to keep the animal healthy and happy. Unfortunately though, many people decide to keep reptiles they have found in the wild or have bought from unscrupulous breeders, and are not aware of the reptiles’ specialised housing and feeding needs.

In the wild, Australia’s reptiles have their own issues. Habitat destruction and feral cats are taking their toll on the numbers of our native animals as our living requirements encroach further into their territory.

What RSPCA NSW is doing

Our inspectors investigated over 40 complaints in relation to reptiles in the 12 months to June 2013, and many of these related to the lack of food and water for the reptile.

We seek to educate licenced owners about the best way to care for their pet, and to shut down illegal trade in reptiles. We also work with landowners to ensure our native species are afforded a chance to remain in their habitat.

RSPCA Knowledge Base

You must have a licence from National Park and Wildlife to keep lizards, snakes and turtles, as they are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, and it is against the law to take them from the wild. Any outlet that sells reptiles must also have an appropriate licence on display. If you do keep reptiles, a good way to learn about the best way to care for them is though a herpetological society. READ MORE


RSPCA NSW has 10 shelters that provide comfortable accommodation and the best possible care to surrendered, neglected, unwanted, sick or injured animals. Each year, tens of thousands of animals arrive at RSPCA Shelters. The RSPCA works within NSW communities to educate the need for responsible pet ownership in the aim of increasing awareness and reducing the number of unwanted animals.

RSPCA Care Centres

RSPCA Care Centres are shelter outreach facilities that includes an adoption centre and outpatient veterinary consult rooms. Their main aims are to rehome more animals in a welfare-friendly environment and educate the community about responsible pet ownership.

Volunteer Branches

Volunteer branches are the backbone of the RSPCA work in regional NSW. Each branch is run exclusively by volunteers and plays a vital role in foster care and finding permanent homes for animals, desexing programs, support, fundraising initiatives in their local community – and much, much more!


How you can help

Animals how you can help

Learn how to take care of your pet, with information on diet, health considerations, sickness, training and more.

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RSPCA has joined forces with Bendigo Bank and Mastercard to create an exciting range of credit cards that offer Australians a way to help animals in need.

Each year, over 40,000 animals turn to RSPCA NSW for help. Every donation from you is vital in rescuing and caring for them.

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