Why you won’t regret adopting a bonded pair

Bonded pair Jasper and Cola

Bonded pair animals are best friends forever. They exercise together, sleep together and go up for adoption in a package deal.

Many animals are social, just like us, and are comforted in the company of other creatures. In Switzerland, it’s even illegal to only own one guinea pig, as studies have shown that guinea pigs become chronically lonely without a companion.

If you’ve perused our adoption website before, you may have noticed some animals who must go home with others. Jasper and Cola, a Whippet and German Shorthaired Pointer, are an example of an adorable bonded pair looking for their forever home. Cats Gabby and Evie are too, and so are rabbits Sunny and Aladdin.

But sadly, it takes longer for bonded animals to find their forever home. Many people looking for a pet are after one, not two, so our cute couples get left behind.

And while the idea of taking home not just one, but two, animals seems a little daunting, we’re here to settle any misconceptions or worries you may have. Here’s why you’ll love some double trouble in your life.

A bonded pair will settle in easier

You know how showing up to your first day of school was so much easier if you already knew a friend in your grade?

It’s likely that your furry friend’s transition into their new home will go more smoothly if they’ve already got a buddy by their side. Home is where the heart is, after all.

It’s double the cuteness!

Bonded pair Gabby and Evie

How could you not want double the love? Double the affection? Double the cuddles at night? As the girl from the Ol Del Paso ad taught us, both is always better!

You can leave a bonded pair alone for longer

Being at work all day and leaving your furbaby to fend for themselves can be really difficult. Especially if they use their puppy dog eyes when you say goodbye.

However, knowing they’ve got a good friend to keep them company will fix your worries and theirs. They’ll be less bored and, depending on the animal, less inclined to be destructive.

You won’t have to worry about introducing another animal down the line

Bonded pair Jasper and Cola

Many people start off with one animal in their family and then decide to add another to the pack later on. This process can be potentially stressful on both the existing animal and the new family member.

Adopting two animals straight away will give you the two animals straight out of the gate, without any growing pains!

You’ll be doing a great thing for the animals

At the end of the day, adopting a bonded pair from an RSPCA NSW shelter is a wonderful, generous thing to do. You’ll be giving not just one but two (!) furry friends a second chance at a long, happy and fulfilling life.

Bonded animals become stressed and anxious without the other by their side, so it’s important they find the perfect home together.

If you come upon a bonded pair, please consider welcoming them into your home!

Scroll through our adoption profiles to find your new best friend.