5 things to expect when adopting an animal from RSPCA NSW

If you’ve decided to adopt a dog or cat from RSPCA NSW, congratulations!

Animals enrich our lives mentally, emotionally and physically, and we’re sure that you’re on your way to finding a best friend for life. Not only that, you’ll also be giving an animal in desperate need of a new home a second chance at a happy, healthy life – so thank you!

Here are five things that you can expect when adopting an animal from RSPCA NSW.

1. You might have to visit the shelter a couple of times

Bolt the Dog 022

It’s important to remember that your perfect furry friend may not be available on your first visit to an RSPCA NSW shelter. We always have an array of different types of animals available, so it’s best not to rush into things (no matter how excited you are!).

A great way to make sure your trip to the shelter is worthwhile is to check what animals we have available online at www.rspcansw.org.au/adopt before you visit.

You can choose your preferred animal type and location to see all the beautiful creatures in our care that are looking for new homes.

2. We’ll assess whether the animal is right for you

At RSPCA NSW, we always take the time to match animals with their best owners. Sometimes, our animals have certain needs depending on their background, breed and health status. They might need to be the only dog in their household, they might be an active breed that’s going to need twice-daily walks, or they might be on medication that keeps them healthy.

When you come into the shelter and find an animal that steals your heart, one of our animal attendants will do a ‘meet and greet’ with you. You’ll get to hang out with your potential new furry friend for a couple of minutes while the animal attendant asks you some questions. These will focus on your living situation, how much time you can dedicate to looking after your pet, and whether there are any children or other pets in your household.

Don’t be offended if the animal attendant decides that the animal you’ve chosen probably isn’t the right one for you – we promise it’s best for both you and them in the long run!

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3. Your new friend will come vaccinated and desexed

Every animal adopted from RSPCA NSW is vaccinated and desexed before being taken home. This is covered by the adoption cost that you pay. It ensures your new furry friend will start their new life in your home healthy and happy.

Desexing prevents unwanted litters and provides several other health benefits for animals, such as extended life expectancy and less behavioural issues.

4. Your adopted pet comes with a warranty

We understand that there’ll be some instances where your newly adopted pet might become unwell because they’ve been in a shelter environment. RSPCA NSW does everything we can to prevent infectious diseases at our facilities but some pets may leave in a healthy condition and become ill later. Like when a person is exposed to someone with the common cold and doesn’t show symptoms until a few days later.

In these circumstances, RSPCA NSW provides a warranty for our adopted pets. It applies to pets adopted through our RSPCA NSW Shelters, Care Centres, Branches and affiliated Petbarn outlets. If your pet becomes sick within 14 days of their adoption, bring them to an RSPCA NSW Veterinary Hospital. If they’re diagnosed with a condition such as kennel cough, parvovirus, cat flu, entiritis, ear mites or ringworm, we’ll cover the cost of their treatment up to $1,000.

The warranty varies depending on where you choose to take your pet for treatment, so please contact one of our shelters for more information.

5. We’re always there to support you in looking after your pet

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If you adopt a pet from RSPCA NSW, you can expect to have our constant support in making sure that they’re happy, healthy and well looked-after. As well as having loads of helpful resources and information on the RSPCA Australia knowledge base, we’re always on-hand at your local shelter to provide you with any information or advice you may need.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet from RSPCA NSW, find out more at www.rspcansw.org.au/what-we-do/adoptions/.