Keeping Your Furry Friends Merry & Most Importantly, Safe Around Festive Foods

In the spirit of giving, it can be tempting to sneak our furry friends some festive food. But it’s still important to be mindful and monitor what our pets consume during the holidays. 

Be sure to keep the food out of the reach of your pets and monitor your animal(s) throughout the day; unattended food can be tempting, if not dangerous, for your pet.  

Festive foods to avoid giving your pets: 

  • Pork/ham 
  • Marinades/Gravy 
  • Cooked bones 
  • Chocolate 
  • Lollies 
  • Christmas pudding/Fruit cake 
  • Grapes/Currants/Raisins 
  • Onion/Chives/Garlic 
  • Alcohol 

If you suspect your furry friend has had a taste of something they shouldn’t have, or you notice symptoms such as diarrhoea, excessive panting, muscle twitching, lack of coordination or vomiting, then take your pet to your nearest veterinarian as soon as possible. Please note, you should also make yourself aware of your local veterinarian’s trading hours in the case of an emergency.  

To find your nearest RSPCA NSW Veterinary clinic and their holiday trading hours, visit the RSPCA NSW website.