National Volunteer Week

This National Volunteer Week, we would like to celebrate and acknowledge all the incredible volunteers at RSPCA NSW! Our volunteers are one of the driving forces of what we accomplish for animals in need and, while we are grateful for them every day, we would like to take a moment to honour their inspiring contributions!

National Volunteer Week is Australia’s biggest annual celebration of volunteers, running from the 15th– 21st of May with a poignant theme to score the year. In 2023, we celebrate ‘The Change Makers’, a theme inspired by our volunteers, working tirelessly every day to improve countless animals’ lives.

Over the last financial year our incredible 3,014 volunteers donated 224, 253 hours allowing thousands of creatures, great and small, to get the care, love and protection they need.

Volunteer Spotlight

Jenn NVW

One of our incredible volunteers, Jenn, has been with us for more than three years now, spending her Saturdays responding to enquiries with our remarkable call centre team.

Jenn’s journey with RSPCA NSW began in January 2020, when she joined to contribute to the bushfire relief efforts. However, Jenn’s inspiring dedication led her to continue her involvement. Initially, she worked at the Sydney Adoption Centre for a duration of four months, before volunteering her time remotely after the COVID-19 pandemic. To this day, Jenn spends 15 hours a month helping animals in need with our contact centre staff.

Jenn continues to engage with various other volunteer roles, including helping with the Million Paws Walk, the Royal Easter Show, Vivid, and the NAB Bankwest run. She also adopted a cat named Shoga from our Sydney Adoption Centre, strengthening her bond with our organisation and the work she continues to do. It’s selfless volunteers like Jenn who keep RSPCA NSW going, giving their time and energy to caring and protecting animals in need.


Get Involved

There are countless roles available, all shapes and sizes, for anyone willing to give their time to a good cause. You can even choose to volunteer from both our shelters and the comfort of your home.

You can choose to help as much as you like, in whatever way works best for you! Roles include:

  • Admin
  • Contact centre
  • Foster care
  • Dog walking
  • Long distance transportation
  • Photography
  • Customer care roles
  • Filming
  • Fundraising 
  • Reading to animals 
  • Laundry assistant
  • Food preparation volunteer
  • Community programs transport volunteer
  • Customer concierge
  • Op shop assistant
  • Transport drivers
  • Groundskeepers and gardening gurus
  • Community speakers 


Our sincerest thanks go out, once again, to all our marvellous volunteers, who go above and beyond the call of duty to protect all creatures great and small! This National Volunteer Week, we would like to honour your time and dedication to advocating, sheltering and loving countless animals across NSW.

If you are interested in making a difference by becoming a volunteer, you can view all open volunteer opportunities and FAQs here