Unusual Pets at RSPCA NSW

It’s the never-ending debate- are you a dog or cat person? We’d like to provide an alternative answer here: an animal loving person. It’s no matter if they have fur, scales or feathers.  

At RSPCA NSW we have so many animals up for adoption other than cats and dogs, that you’ll be spoilt for choice as an animal lover. Keep reading to learn more about how amazing each of these animals are, and how they can make the perfect addition to your family. 


Guinea Pigs  

Guinea pigs are a great option if you’re looking for a pocket pet that you and your family can adore, play with without taking up a lot of space. Their friendly nature makes them fantastic pets. A big plus is that they don’t require a lot of supplies; all they want is a simple setup of hay, pellets, and a tunnel in a large enough cage for them to move about in.   

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Rabbits make wonderful pets because they are intelligent, loving, and sociable. If you take the effort to socialise them and understand their fundamental body language, they become wonderful companions. If you’re ready to commit to their strict diet, regular exercise, and socialising, they’re excellent first pets. 

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Many people may find the idea of keeping rats as pets unusual, yet rats are caring, family-oriented animals. They create extremely strong ties with one another and their owners. However, it’s important to know that they like their attention, so having at least one cage mate is essential. They’re also highly bright and eccentric, which makes them a lot of fun for both adults and kids. 

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If you’re tight on space and looking for a pet with low grooming, then birds are a perfect option.  Finches, budgies, and canaries, for example, can live peacefully in smaller flats or other living settings with less room. Birds often require significantly less space to roam in than larger pets. Birds may be as sociable, friendly, and loving as most pets with the correct degree of training and socialising. 

Learn more here.  



Though most people raise chickens with the intention of getting fresh eggs, their affectionate natures make them end up as family pets. Chickens have many benefits to them such as assisting with soil and consuming a lot of insects in addition to producing food. However, it’s important to acknowledge that they prefer to be outside and will be upset if confined indoors for an extended period of time.  

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