I found a stray cat! What should I do?

At RSPCA NSW we believe that every cat deserves a safe and permanent home with someone to take care of them. 

Unfortunately, that is not the reality for the thousands of unowned stray cats in our neighbourhoods. They get by the best they can, often trying to befriend kind-hearted locals for a bite to eat or a comfy place to sleep. These stray cats also contribute to the thousands of kittens that arrive at pounds and shelters across the state every year. 

The streets are a dangerous place for cats. Free-roaming cats, especially strays, are at risk of being hit by cars, attacked by dogs and other cats, becoming lost, and contracting infectious diseases. A cat kept safe in a loving home will live on average 10 years longer than a cat who roams. 

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Caring for stray cats is everyone’s responsibility – it takes the whole community working together. 

Is there a stray cat where you live? Don’t walk past them, make sure they have a home.


Please follow the guide: What to do if you find a cat.

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