Become a Guardian Angel to Animals in Need

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At a mere five weeks old, Felix and Dora were found shivering in a ditch alongside a road in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. A kind couple had spotted them and began slowly approaching the stray kittens. After successfully holding the sibling pair in their arms, they soon noticed there was something strange about their eyes. The couple knew they had to quickly find help.

 After rushing to the RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter, it was quickly discovered that Felix and Dora were born without eyelids. Without corrective surgery, the kittens could become blind within a year.

Every Christmas, thousands of homeless animals will arrive at RSPCA NSW shelters. Some suffer from physical and emotional injuries, while others have been subjected to terrible cruelty. There are many animals who are brand new to the world, and many more who are older and need special care in their golden years. But they all have one thing in common: they need help.


Christmas is not always a joyful time at RSPCA NSW shelters. It’s a critical time where we brace for the hundreds or animals to arrive at our doorstep. We will always keep our doors open and never turn away any animal in need… but we desperately need help.

That’s where our Guardian Angels come in. People who believe that all animals deserve to have food, shelter and love. People, like you, who see value in their lives and believe they are worth saving.

The RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter had to wait for six months before Felix and Dora were old enough to be sent for major surgery at the Eye Clinic for Animals in Sydney. Dr Cameron Whittaker, a Specialist Ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic for Animals, operated to take tissue from the cats’ lips to form their eyelids. The surgeries were generously sponsored by the clinic and completed over two days. The procedures were intense and complicated, with two hours of delicate work for each eyelid.


After surgery, the first few weeks of healing were hard. Their mouths and eyes were also in pain. At the RSPCA Sydney Adoption Centre, the pair were closely monitored and patiently nursed back to health. Staff and volunteers waited with bated breath to see if the new eyelids would work. Finally, Felix and Dora closed their eyes for the first time. With nothing more than a gentle purr, they could fall asleep in comfort.

A few months ago, Felix and Dora were shivering in a ditch, destined to lose their sight within a year. Today, they are at the RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter waiting eagerly for a forever home. We need your support to continue helping animals like Felix and Dora and your can view thier adoption profiles here and here.

Will you become an RSPCA Guardian Angel by sponsoring an animal in need this Christmas? Go to, or contact our team on 1300 777 221.