The Newest Breed in Town: Meet The Rescuoodles

From Schnoodles to Cavoodles, there are oodles of wonderful breeds. 

But there’s one more beautiful oodle that nobody sees. 


Among the oodles of rescues waiting to be adopted into loving homes, we have just discovered the newest, most exciting, breed in town… 


The Rescuoodle.


What is a Rescuoodle?  

Cavoodles, schnoodles, and bernedoodles were all once unknown words. Now, these breeds are all the rage amongst pet owners. But as more people buy designer pets, they leave behind oodles of rescue animals patiently waiting for a home. People often search, far and wide, for an ‘ideal designer pet,’ but many don’t realise that you don’t have to shop to find the perfect four-legged friend! We’re reclaiming the word ‘oodles’ and celebrating our rescues as creatures equal to or even greater than the fanciest store-bought breeds.  

At RSPCA NSW, we believe that rescue animals are in a breed of their own. So, we’ve decided to make it official. Introducing Rescuoodles, a campaign to inspire the world to open their hearts and homes to animals awaiting adoption. The newest breed in town – defined entirely by their charm – rescuoodles have oodles of love to share and are sure to warm your heart. 

Rescuoodles (pronounced res-kyoo-dle) come in all shapes and sizes – some purr and meow while others squeak or bark. Whatever they look like, one special thing sets them apart from other breeds: an irreplaceable personality that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

In order to elevate rescues and reduce the demand for unethical breeding, RSPCA NSW is introducing a new animal adoption campaign. In the spirit of movements like “adopt don’t shop” and “rescue is my favourite breed,” the campaign will challenge norms by highlighting the value of rescue animals, celebrating the adorable qualities that make them who they are.  

Rescuoodles can be sassy, mysterious, or fiercely loyal cuddle machines; all we ask is for people to see these animals as more than just their breed. 


Why Should People Consider Adopting Before Shopping for their Animal Companion?

There are oodles of reasons why people should adopt a rescue animal.  

Many Australians are searching to find a trendy ‘designer pet.’ As a result, many are overlooking the adorable animals awaiting adoption in shelters or pounds, the wonderful rescues patiently waiting for a companion of their own.

Instead of searching for the perfect breed, people should look for the perfect friend.

RSPCA NSW embraces love for all living beings, great or small. We know that every animal, no matter their background, can be a source of immeasurable joy. Countless Australians have found happiness by adopting a rescue animal, by inviting a dazzling, quirky companion to bring joy to their lives and homes.

Responsible and ethical breeders can bring you some truly adorable breeds but, as pet parents know, an animal’s value cannot be defined by breed alone. We want to help Australians pick the right pet based on their needs not looks. In the same way that lifelong friends spring from relationships that bring you joy, pet guardianship is less about breeds and more about looking out for a friend.


With oodles of loyalty, licks, cuddles, and other reasons to adopt, click here to have a look at the Rescuoodles looking for a friend.