People and Pet Community Days

RSPCA NSW believes that people belong with their pets. The bonds between people and their animals make for stronger, healthier communities but, far too often, financial hardships and other obstacles get in the way.

Hurdles like illness, poverty, and a shortage of pet-friendly housing can make caring for an animal seem like a risky, expensive strain. They can force even devoted pet owners to consider surrendering their beloved animals to a trusted rescue group or their local animal shelter.

But keeping pets in the homes they have is often the best outcome for all – this is why keeping people and pets together is what RSPCA NSW strives to achieve.

RSPCA NSW’s volunteer branches and supporter groups have been hosting People and Pet Community Days across the state. Focused on encouraging people to check in on their pet’s wellbeing and health, the most recent of these events have made for wonderful community days.

In April, our Eurobodalla Branch hosted their inaugural People and Pet Day. Members of the community gathered in Narooma with their beloved animal companions, who received free parasite prevention, microchipping, as well as vaccination and desexing vouchers.

Many experienced staff attended to help run the community event, including behavioural advice specialist Natalie Conway. Overall, the event was a success, assisting the turnout of 27 animals – thanks (in no small part) to the experienced staff and volunteers who ran the day.



We appreciate animal lovers’ dedication to the wellbeing of their pets, expressed by all who attend our recent People and Pet Community Days.

Continuing our string of community events was another successful Community Day, hosted by the generous volunteers of our Taree Supporter Group.

As in Eurobodalla, attendees were provided free parasite prevention, microchipping, and subsidised desexing and vaccination vouchers. A total of 54 animals were microchipped – 16 dogs and 38 cats – with vaccination and desexing vouchers provided for an additional 81 animals.

We would like to thank all of our attendees, especially our staff and volunteers, as well as the residents of Taree, who welcomed and supported our supporter group.


With the cost of living continuing to rise, we are incredibly grateful for our partners. They provide us with the pet food, bedding, and blankets that we distribute to those in need.

Their assistance was important for not just Taree and Eurobodalla, but also for our recent Port Macquarie People and Pet Community Day.

Our Port Macquarie Support Group hosted their own community event in the hopes of encouraging local pet owners to support their animals’ health. The day saw 56 responsible pet owners and their 53 cats and dogs show up for parasite prevention, microchipping, and desexing and vaccine vouchers.

These programs are essential to maintaining the health and welfare of pets in regional communities; it was encouraging to see so many responsible pet owners attend.

Once again, we would like to thank not only the animal loving attendees, but also the generous staff and volunteers who organised and managed our events. They carry out the life-saving work that we strive to accomplish every day; RSPCA NSW would not be the same without their help.

If you’d like to get involved or for more information on the 21 Branch and Supporter Groups currently operating across NSW visit this page.