RSPCA NSW New England Road Trip

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Last week our team went out to the New England region of NSW to help some of the local community with vaccinating and microchipping their furry friends! We collaborated with the Tamworth Council Pound and Tamworth Tafe, whose vet nurse students were able to gain some invaluable practical experience. 

Tamworth has also been recently affected by parvovirus, a serious and often fatal viral disease that impacts unvaccinated puppies and dogs. As the virus stays on surfaces for a long period of time, dogs can pick up the virus by coming into contact with infected dogs or contaminated surfaces and environments. By running a vaccination drive in this region, we’re hoping to reduce the spread of the virus. To read more about parvovirus click here. 

Overall in Tamworth, we were able to achieve the following: 

  •  Number of dogs vaccinated- 87
  • Number of dogs also microchipped- 46
  • Number of cats vaccinated- 51
  • Number of cats also microchipped- 38



The pet owners we met were so grateful that they were able to get their pets vaccinated and microchipped for free and were also provided with a big bag of food thanks to the Petbarn Foundation!

Our total numbers for the week in our New England Road Trip are-

  • Number of dogs vaccinated- 197
  • Number of dogs also microchipped- 106
  • Number of cats vaccinated- 92
  • Number of cats also microchipped- 59

That’s a lot of happy cats and dogs who are now protected from diseases and able to be returned safely home if they get lost! 

We’d like to give a big thank you to all the amazing vets, our partners and local branches for coming together to help us run this initiative. These programs are essential to the health and welfare of the animals in these regional communities. 

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