RSPCA NSW Works with Rescue Groups

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For many years, RSPCA NSW has been working together with rescue groups around Australia to assist in rehabilitating and rehoming the animals that walk through our doors.

In October 2013, a process to formalise partnerships with animal rescue groups was launched. Since its initiation, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been made available to any rescue group who may be interesting in collaborating with RSPCA NSW to assist with the rehoming of companion animals.

We’ve been actively working with over 100 different rescue groups throughout Australia to assist with animals that may not be ready for adoption or that require specialised care. Rescue groups have played a great role in helping us rehome and care for animals in need.

A great example of what can be achieved when rescue groups work together in promoting the adoption of rescue animals was seen at last year’s Rescue Me event. It saw animal welfare and rescue groups coming together to find deserving dogs homes.   The supporters, potential adopters and rescue groups that attended had nothing but positive feedback for the event. We had a total of 31 adoptions on the day with almost another 100 dogs receiving adoption enquiries. This year we’re hoping to host an even bigger event, with more rescue groups getting on board.

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Rescue groups who have signed the MOU have access to RSPCA NSW animals. Ownership of those animals will be transferred to the rescue group who are then at liberty to use their own networks and resources to find the most appropriate home for the animal.

In the last financial year RSPCA NSW cared for 35,143 animals that came through its doors. Of these, 20,330 animals were rehomed, 1,716 were reunited with their owners and 979 were released to rescue groups.  RSPCA NSW hopes to increase these figures with more rescue group partnerships.

Interested animal rescue groups who would like to find out more information about partnering with RSPCA NSW can contact us on 02 9770 7555 or by emailing

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