The RSPCA in Your Community

Behind every animal’s story is a human one.

Sometimes, animals suffer because their owners don’t know the best way to care for them, or they’re not in the position to provide it. That’s why RSPCA NSW has programs to improve both human and animal welfare. Our community support programs are made to help pet owners in times of need, and ensure their animals have a healthy life.

Many people believe that correction collars (also known as check chains or choker chains) are good for training dogs, but it’s actually a negative form of reinforcement. It uses pain, fear and discomfort to make dogs change their behaviour. The Chain Exchange allows you to exchange a chain collar for a free flat collar! You can do this at the RSPCA Sydney Adoption Centre and with the RSPCA NSW Education Team at events. Find out more here.

It’s a little known fact that one of our treatment options places dogs into a specially-designed rehabilitation program! In the minimum security facility of the John Morony Correctional Complex, dogs receive one-on-one interaction with selected inmates. The inmates follow a special training program to help prepare dogs for adoption. They can also learn pet industry skills, helping them find employment after release. Find out more here.

It’s common for victims of domestic violence to be lured back home or prevented from leaving because the perpetrator threatens to harm the victim’s pet. With the Safe Beds for Pets program, families can leave domestic violence situations and make sure their pets are safe. It provides temporary pet housing, giving victim’s peace of mind, and time to find safety and make the arrangements they need. Find out more here.

We understand that pets are part of the family, and provisions should be made for them after you’ve passed away. Our Home Ever After program is a free service that takes care of your pet if anything happens to you. We will pick up your pet and do everything we can to find them a new, loving home. Find out more here.

For many homeless people, their pet is the most important thing in their lives. Living Ruff is a community outreach service that aims to keep homeless people and their pets together, while also helping them live healthy and happy lives. This includes distributing pet food, providing emergency pet boarding and veterinary services. We also attend events to give advice on animal health and welfare, distribute flea and worm treatments, and raise awareness of other available services. Find out more here.

Pets of Older Persons (POOPs) is a special program that provides support to elderly pet owners during times of crisis. It’s for people aged 65 years and over, or for palliative care patients of any age with no one able to help care for their pets. The program provides temporary foster accommodation and emergency boarding if the owner needs medical treatment, respite or other assistance. We also help with veterinary treatment, pet grooming, and visit homes to help with basic pet care. Find out more here.


The Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) tackles companion animal overpopulation and the need for increased public awareness of animal welfare issues. The program educates people about responsible pet ownership and how to treat animals humanely. CAWS provides subsidised desexing, vaccination and microchipping programs for remote areas, aiming to bring down the number of animals euthanased in rural pounds and shelters.