Where Your Dollar Goes at RSPCA NSW

Thanks to you, in the 2015-16 financial year, RSPCA NSW saw more than 20,000 animals rehomed, reunited with their owners or released into the wild. We had over 37,000 animals come through our doors in need of help. Through education, advocacy and hard work, animals all across the state have been given the help that they need.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, animal welfare is improving every year. Your contribution is making a difference to the lives of animals in need.


 For every $1 dollar we recieve…

  • 73 cents goes directly to helping animals across the state. This includes operating our shelters, veterinary hospitals, inspectors, animal ambulance service and more. It means that we can provide food, shelter, water and veterinary treatment to every animal that come through our doors. It keep our inspectors on the road and to continue investigating animal cruelty in NSW.
  • 17 cents is invested into fundraising which generates more supporters and subsequently bring in more money for our animals.
  • 10 cents is spent on essntial administration and keeping our lights, water running and other similar expenses.

Thank you for every dollar you have donated. As you can see, every dollar is making a difference to animal welfare. Donate to RSPCA NSW here or learn more about what we do on our website. You can also view our Donor Promise here.

If you have a question about donating to RSPCA NSW, contact our friendly fundraising team on 1300 777 221.