All the corporate groups who made a difference for RSPCA NSW in June

We had the immense pleasure of hosting a number of companies at our Sydney Shelter this June for a Corporate Support Day.

From feeding and washing our animals, to learning more about what RSPCA NSW does each day, all of our participants took part in a fun and educational day. Here’s a quick round-up of all June’s happenings.


Perpetual Blog

We go way back with Perpetual — they kindly help us manage some of our financial administration — so it was great to get them in and show them what day-to-day life at the shelter is all about.

The team had a great time playing with cats, sweeping out our stables and walking the dogs.

Legal Vision

LegalVision Blog

Legal Vision really brought their A-game to the Corporate Support Day. Along with completing all the regular volunteering tasks, like cleaning, washing and walking dogs, the team came armed with questions, queries and a cheery attitude. Thanks, Legal Vision!

Salt Search

SaltSearch Blog

While they may have been little in numbers, the group from Salt Search was fiercely enthusiastic! They really pulled their weight cleaning our stables, walking the dogs and providing enrichment to our cats.

You’re the real MVPs, Salt Search!


Groupon Blog

We love it when companies are so impressed with our Corporate Support Days that they sign up again… and again… and again!

The team from Groupon came out for their fifth Corporate Support Day in June. They happily cleaned out our stables, made food for the pocket pets, walked the dogs and patted cats. Thanks for being such loyal supporters, Groupon!


NBNCo Blog

NBN Co knocked it out of the park for their Corporate Support Day. After they happily learned more about animal welfare and RSPCA NSW, the team got to work cleaning, washing and, most importantly, playing with puppies. We’re so grateful for their enthusiasm and hard work.


Edelman Blog

Edelman were our last Corporate Support Day group for June and boy, were they a fabulous way to round out the financial year!

After chopping up food for our pocket pets and cleaning the stables, the group helped us take care of our dogs and cats — all with a big smile on their face! Thanks, Edelman team.

We truly value the ongoing support we receive from our corporate sponsors. If you want to learn more about our Corporate Support Days, head here.