Corporates in May 2017

A Corporate Support Day with RSPCA NSW are an interactive experience, perfect for team building and giving back to the community. Teams help with the maintenance of the shelter and socialise with the animals. In May, staff from NAB, CEB is now Gartner, Pegasystems and Time Target lent their strength and helped animals in need.

NAB – 3.05.2017

NAB is back for their second round this year! The team started the day by helping us pack for our Million Paws Walk event, then happily moved onto cleaning the stables. They met two of our friendly pigs and treated them with apples. After spoiling our piggy residents, they walked the dogs and spent special one-on-one time with them in their kennels. In the afternoon, the team played with some very tiny kittens, enjoying their cheeky swipes and inquisitive nature.

The day ended with a special tour of the RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital, letting them have a real insider look at animals receiving vital care. We’re happy to say that NAB have always been very supportive and their staff do an amazing amount of volunteer hours.

Thank you, NAB! Come back soon!


View their photos here.

CEB is now Gartner – 10.05.2017

This year, CEB is now Gartner has kindly returned to offer their help! The team went straight to work and cleaned out all of the bunny hutches in the stables. After trimming some overgrown trees, they efficiently helped us pack for our Million Paws Walk event. In the afternoon, all of the dogs were bathed and walked, followed by cuddles in their kennels. The team also met some young kittens and adult cats, before finishing the day off with the pigs and a tour of the shelter.

Thank you, CEB is now Gartner, for your enthusiasm and compassion. We’ll see you next time!


View their photos here.

Pegasystems – 17.05.2017

Pegasystems have visited us once before, so we were super excited to have them back! The team started off by learning about our community programs, like CAWS and POOPs (Pets of Older Persons). Afterwards, they worked in the stables, cleaning out the pig stalls and hutches. The team helped pack Million Paws Walk showbags before walking and washing our excited dogs. After kittens were cuddled and dogs were played with, they spent the afternoon taking a tour of the RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you, Pegasystems! We can’t wait for you to volunteer again!


View their photos here.

Time Target – 31.05.2017

Time Target volunteered with us for the first time! They arrived at the shelter with many gifts, kindly donating puppy pads, toys, treats, food and much more. They started the day with an education session and learned about our programs and community work. It wasn’t long before they were hard at work in the shelter, washing food bowls and litter trays. We had a week’s worth of dirty blankets and towels, which they kindly washed and hung out on the line. After trimming some overgrown trees at our shelter reception, they brushed our older cats and played with the kittens. The day was completed by walking the dogs and playing ball with them in the yard.

Your generosity and hard work were inspiring. Thank you, Time Target!


View their photos here.

Want to get involved?

Volunteers at RSPCA Corporate Support Days learn about the work RSPCA NSW does and get a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter. And as well as bonding with your team, you get the chance to see firsthand the impact you are having on the lives of the animals at the RSPCA. And of course, you’ll be rewarded with some much-deserved one-on-one time with our animal residents. If this sounds like something that would get your team’s tails wagging, then contact us today to make a booking.

Corporate Support Days are now available at the Central Coast, Hunter and Sydney Shelters. To book one for your workplace, please contact:

Anne Keyvar
Corporate Relations
Phone (02) 9782 4491

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