Thank you to the Dalwood-Wylie Foundation!

Every year, over 29,000 animals turn to RSPCA NSW for help. And each day they are in our shelters, these animals need not only comfort, love and special assistance, but a consistent diet of good quality foods.

While Hill’s Pet Nutrition generously donates food for dogs and cats in our care, food for all other animals is purchased by our shelters. Each year, it can cost upwards of $100,000 to feed the 5,000 animals in our care who aren’t cats and dogs, including 1,270 birds, 763 rabbits and 701 fowl.  

To help out with the enormous cost, the very generous and thoughtful Dalwood-Wylie Foundation stepped in to commit $5,000 toward providing a nutritious diet for as many of our feathered and furry friends as possible.

For a sweet bird like Pidgy, this means the world!

Pidgey was helped thanks to our donors

Pidgy was lost and scared before arriving at RSPCA NSW’s Sydney Shelter in mid-July this year. Not a wild pigeon, we could see Pidgy had been kept as a pet bird and wouldn’t be able to survive in the outside world. After we exhausted all possibilities to find out where Pidgy came from, the owner sadly couldn’t be found. Since then, Pidgy has been awaiting adoption in the aviary at our Sydney Shelter, munching on all the foods that keep a bird healthy and strong.

Birds and pigeons like Pidgy should be fed a varied diet – a combination of high-quality commercial food and some natural food like fresh fruit, vegetables, seeding grasses, native flowers or green foods.

With support from the Dalwood-Wylie Foundation, we can now be prepared to nourish the hundreds of other birds like Pidgy across the state, and any other animals who come through shelter doors.

On behalf of Pidgy and all animals with healthy, happy bellies, thank you Dalwood-Wylie Foundation!