Donate to Our Shelter Wish List

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We understand some people prefer to donate to us by buying specific goods rather than giving cash donations. We ask for your help in keeping our waste costs as low as possible by not donating items that we would have to pay to dispose of.

We don’t accept the following:

  • sleeping bags
  • shredded paper (we are accepting newspapers though).
  • human clothing
  • damaged beds
  • damaged kennels
  • damaged scratching posts
  • quilts/doonas
  • pillows and cushions

Before visiting one of our sites with your donation, please get in touch with our Contact Centre by email on or call  9770 7555 ahead of time. This way, we can be prepared to accept your donation and make sure it is put to the best use.

To guide you in selecting the items that we really need but can’t afford, we’ve created a wish list. By identifying items our shelters would like, your donation will go directly to the animals, staff and volunteers who need them most.

Items we are constantly looking for:

  • various enrichment toys for dogs, cats, chickens, horses etc.
  • slow feeders or enrichment feeders for all animals
  • kongs (especially larger ones)
  • toys (cat/dog)
  • bedding and blankets (new or used) (washed)
  • towels (new or used) – However must be in good condition (washed)
  • bowls
  • brushes
  • trampoline beds
  • large crates for cats and dogs
  • unused scratching posts
  • cat tents
  • treats
  • dog treat pouches
  • clam shell pools
  • puppy pads
  • organic oatmeal shampoo
  • peanut butter and Vegemite
  • heavy duty wheelbarrows
  • zinc sticks
  • dog collars
  • mice or rat cages
  • cooling mats
  • artificial grass
  • large beds for big dogs
  • outdoor weatherproof large dog kennels
  • hidey holes or boxes for cats made out plastic
  • unused scratching posts for cats
  • durable hard plastic toys or ropes for dogs and cats
  • shell pools for dogs
  • hanging bird toys
  • rabbit or guinea pig chews
  • cat string toys
  • plastic bell balls
  • cat water bowls
  • shade cloths
  • bird bowls of all sizes (with hooks that are rigid)
  • large sealed bins or tubs for pellets
  • large drawstring bags
  • hot water bottles/ heat pads
  • infant animal milk formula e.g “Womabaroo”
  • kitchen scales
  • new cat litter trays
  • puppy toilet training pads
  • dog kennels

If you are a company and wish to donate in bulk, please contact our Corporate Relations team at

You can donate any of the above items to your local RSPCA NSW location. If possible, please drop off your donation during business hours—goods left outside create a hazard and may also be damaged by rain.

Thank you again for thinking of the animals!