Hunter Found a Home with Jetpets

Beautiful Hunter the Siberian Husky was having a rough time at the shelter, waiting for his forever family for two months, finally being adopted, and then being returned after the family decided he wasn’t quite right for them.

RSPCA NSW enlisted the help of Husky Rescue WA to see if he could have any luck finding a family to love him forever on the other side of the country. Thanks to our amazing corporate partner Jetpets, we were able to transport Hunter safely and happily on his exciting flying journey to Western Australia.

The team at Jetpets are passionate about animals finding loving homes, and partner with Virgin to overcome distance and fly pets to their new family or foster home arrangements.  Jetpets proudly supports the great work done by RSPCA NSW, a beneficiary of some of these free flight services for animals in need. If you are considering welcoming a rescue pet into your family Jetpets can provide a complete door to door service, and to understand how pet travel works visit

Hunter arrived in WA on 31 January, where he waited patiently for the staff from Husky Rescue WA to pick him up, as the freight staff kept him company and had a good chat with him. The rescue staff decided to place him in foster care so they could get to know him properly before putting him up for adoption.

He was driven to his foster carer and introduced into his new temporary home. His carers soon discovered he’s a beautiful Husky mix breed who will make you fall in love instantly. He’s very affectionate, with good recall and obedience skills, showing off his nice manners to his new foster carers!

Well, his carers must have really fallen in love with him instantly, because he ended up never leaving! We knew it wouldn’t take him long to find his forever home in WA…

Hunter’s foster carer Jeremy said “It was clear to me after about a week of having him that our lives had changed forever.”

Congratulations Hunter and Jeremy!