Chip the Dachshund ready to roll into his forever home

Chip the Dachshund, after six months in RSPCA NSW care where he received critical veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and a very tiny wheelchair fitting, is now looking for his perfect forever home.

Chip running

Chip is one of almost 30,000 animals who turn to RSPCA NSW for help each year. 

Last November, Chip was found living in a garage with paralysed legs and no aid to help him walk. His back limbs were ulcerated from getting dragged along the floor. 

RSPCA NSW’s Community Programs worked closely with Chip’s owner who was homeless and struggling at the time to try and give Chip the life he needed. In the end, she made the decision to surrender him to the organisation.

Chip’s foster carer Katie Jarvis provided him round-the-clock care for three months. She helped him eat, helped him get around, changed his nappies, kept him warm and stayed with him so he would not become anxious.  “I loved Chip at first sight. Such a small boy with a big personality, I wanted to take him into my home and help heal him immediately,” she said.

Chip’s next owner will need to tick the following boxes to take him home:

  • Must have experience with a special needs animal 
  • Must have breed experience 
  • Must be only animal 

Due to Chip’s disability and separation anxiety, he cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. His new owner will need to be around for most of the day in order to toilet him, help him get around and offer the unconditional support he requires.

Submit your expression of interest for becoming Chip’s pawrent here.

To support animals like Chip, donate to RSPCA NSW. RSPCA NSW relies on the community for almost 98 per cent of the funding needed each year in order to continue their lifesaving work.

More adorable images of Chip available for download here.