Finding Love – Sometimes it IS Black and White!

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Handsome Chewy ready to have his picture taken.

The RSPCA NSW Behaviour and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) at Somersby has seen a surge in black and white felines entering their care since the beginning of the year.

Each BARC resident has their own compelling story, but for Daisy and Chewy, the search for a loving home has been longer than most. After being rescued from their previous home by RSPCA NSW Inspectors in January 2023, these two courageous cats have been waiting for a second chance at life for over 490 days, just ten shy of 500.

“Daisy and Chewy truly are gorgeous cats, with their distinctive tuxedo coats being just one of the many features that make them stand out,” says BARC feline behaviour trainer, Amber Logan-Jones.

“Unfortunately, when animals come into our care via our Inspectorate, they often have to wait until any legal matters are finalised before they can be placed up for adoption.”

“This results in many of our cats staying with us for hundreds of days before they can go to the loving home they deserve” continued Logan-Jones.

Black and white cats, such as Daisy and Chewy, are known for their cheeky personalities and are as loving as they are unique. They are known for forming strong bonds with their owners and have an endearing sense of loyalty.

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Daisy the cat has been waiting 490 days for a home. 

With black and white cats often being overlooked, it has put a strain on BARC’s resources.

“Currently, almost all available cat rooms are being occupied by residents eager to find a loving homes,” reveals Logan-Jones.

“Adopting a cat from BARC helps alleviate this pressure and provides these animals with a stable, loving environment. The longer our cats stay in a shelter environment, the more stressed and anxious they can become.

“Whilst they are safe and provided for, a shelter is no substitute for a loving home. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, please make an appointment to come and visit some of the beautiful cats we have awaiting adoption.

“If you aren’t in a position to adopt, fostering is also an incredible option that makes such a difference to the lives of our animals.”

To make an appointment to meet Daisy or Chewy, or any of the other cats currently calling BARC home, please call the team on 02 4372 2044 or fill out an expression of interest online. The shelter can be visited by appointment at 455 Reeves St, Somersby NSW 2250.

Photos of Daisy and Chewy are available via dropbox.