Happy Tails for Healthy Pets in Coffs Harbour  

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RSPCA NSW Outreach team with event partners in Coffs Harbour. 

Last week, RSPCA NSW visited Coffs Harbour to host their annual community ‘Healthy Pet Day’. The event was hosted in collaboration with local partners Pete’s Place, Vets Beyond Borders, TAFE NSW, Pacific Vet Care, and Coffs Shelter, with additional support provided by Animal Rescue Cooperative, Petbarn Foundation, and Coffs Harbour City Council.

The RSPCA NSW Outreach program aims to support high-priority communities with services and initiatives that improve the welfare and well-being of animals and their owners. A total of 54 animals, 40 dogs and 14 cats were health checked, and provided with parasite protection and pet food on the day. 29 dogs and 12 cats received vital vaccinations and a further 5 dogs and 4 cats were microchipped.

There has been a high demand for services and support identified in the area, making the facilitation of a Healthy Pet Day in the Coffs Harbour region a priority for the RSPCA NSW Outreach team.

“Prevention is the biggest reason why we do outreach work,” says RSPCA NSW Outreach and Education Manager, Emma Davidson.

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RSPCA NSW Behaviourist Kate Conaghan with pet food donations.

“Our goal is to improve animal welfare, not just in the home, but in the community as a whole. Healthy Pet Days are essential to ensure animals are receiving the care they require, and that people and their pets can ultimately stay together, irrespective of financial circumstances.”

RSPCA NSW vet Dr. Chau Phan, as well as Dr. Lauren Jones from Pacific Vet Care and TAFE vet Dr. Kristen Power provided health checks for attending animals, whilst RSPCA NSW Behaviourists Kate Conaghan and Rianna Carmody provided behaviour and training advice to owners.

The services offered were complimented by the generosity of ARC, who provided both cat and dog food for Coffs Harbour residents as well as the Petbarn Foundation, who supplied parasite prevention products. Local engineering firm, Henry&Hymas, supplied a BBQ on the day for the volunteers involved.

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RSPCA NSW with Henry&Hymas and Petbarn Foundation representatives.   

A further 15 pets are waiting to be desexed, a service that is subsidised and funded by the RSPCA NSW Outreach team and will be completed by local veterinary partners.

“Unfortunately, there has been an increase in people sleeping rough in the area,” continues Davidson.

“It’s clear that the animals brought to us are very loved, but that their owners may be doing it tough. Securing local grants and receiving additional funding for our Outreach programs would absolutely benefit the welfare and well-being of both pets and their owners in the region.”

For more information visit www.rspcansw.org.au/what-we-do/working-in-communities or to donate visit www.rspcansw.org.au/how-you-can-help/ways-to-give.

A dropbox link to view images from Coffs Harbour Healthy Pet Day is available here.