Learn new tricks with RSPCA NSW’s online training courses

RSPCA NSW offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses available to complete whilst we sit and stay at home.

The newly launched Introducing Your Pet to a New Baby course will help prepare families and their fur-babies for any potential challenges this exciting, but often stressful, time may bring.

This course aims to improve both human and animal welfare by teaching both new and expecting parents about how to understand their dog’s body language, how to condition your dog to your baby, as well as tips for managing pets and toddlers all under the one roof.

There is also a Basic Animal First Aid (Non – Accredited) course designed for pet owners, animal care workers, dog walkers, foster carers, and anyone who loves animals. This short course covers the basics of animal first aid including recognising emergency situations, common poisons in the home, snake bites, ticks and a basic introduction to wildlife.

Adam Farrugia, RSPCA NSW Senior Manager – Training said, “As a leading animal welfare organisation, we have a wealth of knowledge here to share. These courses can be helpful to anyone – from professionals and students with careers in the vet sciences and animal welfare, to pet owners, parents introducing pets to children and community members seeking to grow their general knowledge and skills in interacting with and understanding animals.”

These online courses range from $15 for the Intro Your Pet to New Baby to $50 for the Basic First Aid course. Additional time to chat live to a trainer can also be purchased if participants want more information.

All trainers on the RSPCA NSW Training Team have the required training and assessment qualifications and have many years of industry experience. Our trainers maintain current skills by actively engaging in animal care work.

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Our accredited training is managed through our Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 70238).

Please visit our website for more information and to see all the courses available.