Severity appeal dismissed for man who failed to provide vet treatment to pet poodle

A 72-year-old Lethbridge Park man who was found guilty of multiple animal cruelty offences withdrew his conviction and sentence appeals at Parramatta District Court on 20 August 2021.

The man had been found guilty earlier this year after a defended hearing on 6 May 2021 at Mount Druitt Local Court, where he contested six charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment to a white Poodle crossbreed dog. At the conclusion of the hearing, the man was convicted on all counts and fined a total of $5,400 for the offences:

· $1000 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s dental disease

· $800 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s faecal scalding

· $1000 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s conjunctivitis

· $1000 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s ear infections

· $800 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s flea infestation

· $800 for failing to provide vet treatment for the dog’s severely matted coat

The man was ordered to pay an additional $6,010.76 in veterinary treatment and shelter costs to RSPCA NSW and was banned from purchasing, acquiring, or taking possession or custody of any animal for five years.

In June the man lodged appeals to the District Court against his convictions and the severity of the sentence imposed – but sought to withdraw them last week after obtaining legal advice. The appeals were subsequently dismissed and the orders of the Local Court were confirmed.


The Local Court heard evidence that RSPCA NSW inspectors attended a Lethbridge Park home on 1 September 2019 in response to a report about the welfare of a dog at the address. On arrival the inspectors found a small, severely matted dog lying motionless in the defendant’s backyard. Inquiries later identified the dog as a 13-year-old male Poodle crossbreed. The dog required immediate vet treatment and was seized and transported directly to the RSPCA NSW Sydney Veterinary Hospital for examination and care. The veterinary report tendered at the 28hearing indicated that the dog had multiple serious health issues that had been left untreated for significant periods of time, causing the dog unnecessary pain, suffering and discomfort.

The vet determined that the dog was suffering from Grade 4 dental disease with bone loss and gum recession at the tooth roots, and pus exuding from the root, which had required treatment for no less than 21 days prior to examination. The dog also had conjunctivitis, ear infections, and inflamed, irritated skin at the perianal region due to faecal scalding, each of which had needed treatment for a minimum of one week. The dog’s heavy flea infestation had required treatment for at least three weeks, and the vet stated that its extremely matted and dirty coat had been left without necessary treatment for no less than a month prior to examination. Inspectors assisted veterinary staff to clip and groom the dog, removing a total of 700 grams of matted, overgrown fur.

The dog made a full recovery under RSPCA NSW care and was adopted into his forever home last year.

Images are available for download here.

All charges brought under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.