RSPCA NSW bushfire relief update

Red on the mend

When the fires came through Jeremadra, Claire and her family loaded up their cars and evacuated with their guinea pig, two budgies, two cats and eight dogs between them.

When they returned to survey the damage, their curious dog Red was eager to sniff out his bed when suddenly the burnt building collapsed on top of him.

With Red unable to walk, Claire turned to RSPCA NSW for help. RSPCA NSW immediately organised for Red to receive vital surgery on his leg, at no cost to Claire and her family.

Red’s story is one of 1,076 stories from households who received a helping hand through the RSPCA NSW Bushfire Assistance Form. 80 towns received immediate aid in response to calls for assistance, 32 pop-up community relief points were established in bushfire-ravaged communities, and we spent 15,930 face-to-face hours and $1.3 million on the ground helping families and animals in need. We were the first emergency response organisation to arrive in Towamba.

As part of our commitment to ensure the money raised has a meaningful impact on all creatures great and small, RSPCA NSW has invested $2.6 million in infrastructure that will enable us to better respond to future emergencies.This includes a mobile animal welfare unit that will enable us to provide immediate treatment for at-risk animals, two animal transport trailers that will allow us to carry injured animals to nearby veterinary hospitals, and two community outreach vehicles that will provide animal welfare assistance and education to be provided across the state.

RSPCA NSW staff, including our Inspectorate, are better equipped with satellite phones, breathing apparatuses, specialised vehicles and other vital equipment. This investment into improved safety and communication abilities will enable us to respond more rapidly and effectively in times of crisis.

Millions upon millions of animals are estimated to have perished as a result of the recent bushfires. RSPCA NSW is investing $2.4 million into a series of partnerships with wildlife organisations in order to protect, conserve and rehabilitate our unique wildlife. We will provide more information on this soon.

RSPCA NSW was founded 147 years ago to help animals in need during times of crisis, and we remain committed to making an impact in helping to sustain and protect the lives of a in years to come.