RSPCA NSW Welcomes First Inclusive Rescue Breed ‘Rescuoodles’


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In a bid to keep up with the rise of the most popular oodle breeds, RSPCA NSW are today introducing a very unique and special breed, the ‘Rescuoodle’. Pronounced res-kyoo-dle, this new breed gives rescue pets an all-inclusive, celebratory identity built around the unwavering belief that rescue animals are in a breed of their own.

With a decrease in adoption interest leading a 30%1 decline in adoptions across all RSPCA NSW shelters, and adult dogs in particular waiting five times longer than they were two years ago to find their forever home, the launch of Rescuoodles hopes to raise the profile of rescue animals.

With hundreds of Rescuoodles ready for adoption at RSPCA NSW, and many more across the state in shelters and pounds, the aim of the campaign is to drive more adoptions in NSW, encouraging people to open their hearts and homes to the new breed.


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Fronting the campaign as Rescuoodles Ambassador, is Dr Lisa Chimes. Known to the nation, thanks to her role in popular TV shows Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue, Lisa is a practicing Australian veterinarian who works in the emergency and critical care department at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital.

Dr Lisa Chimes commented: “As someone who is passionate about the ongoing welfare of rescue pets, the Rescuoodles campaign couldn’t come at a better time. Plus I have two rescue dogs myself, so I feel very connected to this project.”

Dr Lisa continued: “Attaching myself to this campaign as ambassador to help drive support for the re-homing and care of all Rescuoodles is a privilege. I applaud RSPCA NSW for kicking off this creative initiative to show the public how special rescue pets are. Giving these animals time in the spotlight will hopefully help them find the loving homes they deserve.”

As leaders in animal welfare for over 150 years, RSPCA NSW embraces love for all living creatures, great and small. Whether they purr and meow, or squeak or bark, one special thing sets Rescuoodles apart from other breeds: an irreplaceable personality that prospective adopters will cherish.

“This campaign aims to destigmatise rescue animals, whilst officially declaring them as a breed of their own, regardless of their background or circumstances,” said RSPCA NSW General Manager of Animal Operations and Fundraising, Kristy Blake.

“Through shining a light on the unique qualities of these animals, we want to showcase their special status. By doing so, we hope that people will feel inspired to choose adoption and that instead of searching for the perfect breed, they will look for the perfect friend.”

Blake continued: “As we move into the festive season, it can be an ideal time for people who are considering adopting. The reason being that during this time, people generally spend more time at home and can help their new Rescuoodle settle into the family.

The Rescuoodles campaign launched today, spearheaded by an engaging TikTok campaign featuring Dr Lisa Chimes and a few furry friends.

RSPCA NSW Rescuoodles x Dr Lisa Chimes Photography is available HERE.

Visit our website to find your nearest shelter or visit to view all our Rescuoodles available for adoption.

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