RSPCA NSW Welcomes Koala Hubs

RSPCA NSW commends the NSW Government’s visionary efforts to establish the Great Koala National Park.

This commitment marks a monumental stride toward securing the future of one of Australia’s most cherished and iconic animals, the koala.  

At RSPCA NSW, our unwavering dedication to championing the welfare of all creatures, great and small, is the backbone of our organisation. Koalas are one of the nation’s most unique and precious animals, and their presence holds profound significance within the Australian community.  

It is vital that collectively, we do everything we can to protect the future of these endangered animals.  

The creation of the Great Koala National Park is an indispensable endeavor to safeguard these symbolic marsupials and their habitats.  

“As Australians, these fuzzy friends hold a special place in our hearts, and the establishment of the Great Koala National Park highlights the urgent need to address the challenges faced by these treasured creatures,” said RSPCA NSW CEO, Steve Coleman.   

“I particularly want to thank Minister Sharpe and Minister Moriarty for their efforts in establishing 106 Koala Hubs as an immediate measure to prevent habitat loss, while work continues to establish the Great Koala National Park.” 

RSPCA NSW remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting initiatives that prioritise the welfare and protection of animals and are ready to collaborate with stakeholders and Government bodies, to ensure the resounding success of the Great Koala National Park and the wellbeing of our beloved koalas.  

We look forward to the positive outcomes that will undoubtedly emerge from this initiative. 

For more details about the NSW Government’s plan, click here