RSPCA celebrates Vet Nurse Day 2019

They are the steady hands behind the thousands of surgical procedures, vaccinations and countless head pats, treats and cuddles dispensed at our hospitals each year.

Today is Vet Nurse Day and RSPCA NSW is celebrating the people who help make our mission a reality.

The day aims to acknowledge and appreciate the value of veterinary nurses and the incredible work that they do.

Here’s a snapshot of what our vet nurses have collectively achieved this year:

  • 42,132 minutes (or almost a month!) on dental procedures
  • 7,356 animals desexed
  • 3,900 litres (or 35 bathtubs) of IV fluids for fluid therapy

RSPCA NSW is also thrilled our Head of Nursing at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Veterinary Hospital Claire Richards has been nominated for Australia Vet Nurse of the Year, and newly graduated vet nurse Rebecca Harmer has been nominated for Australia Student Vet Nurse of the Year.

“RSPCA NSW has not only given me the opportunity to nurse animals back to health, but also help those that have not had the best start in their lives,” said Richards, who has been in the industry for 18 years.

Studies confirm that those in the veterinary industry suffer a high rate of poor psychological health, and they see higher suicide rates compared to the general population. It is both physically and emotionally demanding, and often sees staff members burning out due to the daily stressors of the job, which involves continued exposure to the pain and trauma of animals.

For RSPCA vet nurses, who often form very close bonds with injured, abused and neglected animals rescued by inspectors, it can be especially tough.

Vet nurse team at RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital

Vet Nurse Day is a time for pet owners and the community to say ‘thank you’ to their local vet nurses for the valuable role they have in delivering care and service to the animals in their care.

For images and a breakdown of our vet nurse stats by location (Broken Hill, Sydney and Hunter) click here.

If you are interested in a day in the life of a vet nurse at RSPCA NSW, please contact us at 0488 905 353 or