We are establishing an animal rehabilitation centre

RSPCA NSW is pleased to share our plans to establish a dedicated rehabilitation centre for animals who suffer from anxiety and behavioural issues. The rehabilitation centre, which will be located at our Central Coast facility, will provide a place for the long-term care and treatment of canines who need extra time, help and attention in order to build their skills and confidence so they can be ready to find loving forever homes. 

We see countless animals come into our care, many through our Inspectorate and community cases, with higher needs as a result of neglect, abuse and trauma. With our recently announced Breeder Compliance Unit, a part of our Inspectorate tasked with investigating inadequate conditions and standards at intensive dog breeding facilities, this centre will be our base for rehabilitation services. We want these animals to benefit from the many open grassy areas and the peaceful surroundings away from the rush of our larger shelters.  

The establishment of a purpose-built facility centred around the recovery journeys of high-needs animals is the next step we are taking in order to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help the animals that need it the most. 

As always, we are here to support local animals and pet owners. Inf you require any assistance please contact us on 02 9770 7555.

We are in the very beginning stages of this plan, so keep an eye on this blog and the information below for updates and developments. We appreciate your support as we work towards getting this rehabilitation centre up and running.

What are the changes to the Central Coast Shelter operating hours? 
From 7 November, the shelter will close to the general public and our regular adoption and surrender services will cease. 

Where can I adopt an animal? 
If I you are interested in adopting your next furry best friend from us, please visit our website and check out the animals at our Tuggerah Care Centre, Sydney Shelter and Hunter Shelter.   

Where can I surrender an animal? 
Please contact us on 02 9770 7555 to arrange an appointment with our staff. 

What kind of rehabilitation support will these animals be provided? 
We will provide support for animals suffering from anxiety and behavioural issues, including fearfulness, arousal, handling and touch tolerance, not unlike the rehabilitation work we have been doing at our shelters. Our aim however is to provide an ideal environment that will support these rehabilitation goals, and an environment that is peaceful, has plenty of outdoor space and grass for walks and play, will greatly benefit the animals in their recovery journeys. The rehabilitation work will be more effective in this environment and will give our animals the best opportunity to grow. 

Will you treat cats at the rehabilitation centre? 
Our focus is to provide rehabilitation for canines at the facility at this stage. 

What will happen to the animals at the shelter when it closes to the public? 
The animals located at our Central Coast facility will gradually be transported to surrounding shelter locations, including our Hunter Shelter and Sydney Shelter, where they will be made available for adoption when they are ready to find their forever homes. Adoption-ready cats will be transported to our Tuggerah Care Centre and to Petbarn locations. This process will take time and the wellbeing of the animals remains our highest priority. 

I’ve found a stray animal, where do I go now?  
Unfortunately, the shelter is not an impound facility and is not open to accept stray animals. If the animal is uninjured and otherwise healthy we can provide you the details of your local council pound or connect you with them now to discuss further. 

What will happen to Cat Legacy House?  
Cat Legacy house will remain open as a purpose built facility for cats and the current residents.