Giddy Up! RSPCA NSW Launches Inaugural National Rescue Horse Day!

The RSPCA has launched the first-ever National Rescue Horse Day on 29 May to celebrate and raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of beautiful rescue horses around the country looking for their forever fields.

While rescue horses only make up 0.43% of the intake of RSPCA animals in NSW, the RSPCA spent a whopping $586,107.49 in the last financial year looking after and rehabilitating the 50 – 60 horses seized in animal cruelty cases by their inspectorate across the state – most of which were initially emaciated with complex medical needs.

In 2016 RSPCA NSW received 2,530 complaints regarding horses – many of which were able to be addressed through providing owners support, education and supplies, however there were still 19 horse-related prosecutions last year.

Some horses stay in care for several years – with one of our long-termers in care since 2012, costing over $100,000 in basic food, boarding, vet and care costs. RSPCA NSW also works with several horse rescue groups around the state, specifically Horse Welfare Inc, who have a passion for re-homing these beautiful creatures, despite the high costs.

RSPCA NSW currently has 564 horses in care, all seized or surrendered as part of animal cruelty cases. With the majority of horses caught up in past or present legal action, they cannot be publicly identified which makes it increasingly difficult to rehome them.


Halo (pictured above) is just one of the many beautiful horses available for adoption.

“All of these horses are beautiful, healthy, resilient animals who have overcome adversity and are ready to find new loving, experienced owners. Some will only be suitable as companions to other horses, while others are capable in the right experienced hands to have a future being ridden or in an equestrian discipline,” comments horse lover and RSPCA NSW Inspector Claudia Jones.

The cost of looking after all these horses long term is astronomical, and really drains resources that could otherwise be spent addressing animal cruelty and keeping inspectors out in the field. Not only that but people need to be aware of the costs associated with owning horses, as this is one of the major factors of neglect in the first place.

We have worked so hard to get these beautiful animals to the point of being available for adoption, that we really want the horse community to support the efforts not just of the RSPCA, but all the other horse rescue groups working hard to give the neglected a future.”

Horse welfare is at the core of the RSPCA’s values, with the charity initially established in 1871 to address the ill treatment of horses in Victoria.

On the first National Rescue Horse Day, RSPCA NSW is calling out for experienced horse owners that may want to take on one of their many rehabilitated horses currently in care who spend on average a heartbreaking 119 days waiting for their perfect paddock.

RSPCA rescue horses have all been medically and behaviorally rehabilitated and make wonderful pets. 17 of these horses are in their twilight years, over 17 years old, and while some have complex care needs, or can’t be ridden and need to be companions to other horses, others are young, and others have even won show awards in their previous life. Potential owners however do need to be aware of the costs associated with horse ownership, with a young healthy horse costing on average $7606 per month, as many horses have become neglected due to their owner’s inability to financially provide for them.

So, if you’re an experienced horse owner and the thought of a rehabilitated rescue horse really stirrups your emotions, giddy up and contact RSPCA NSW today to equine about expanding your stable. Quit stalling and register your interest by emailing Julie at

For more information, please contact RSPCA NSW at You can read the full media release here.