Trapper John’s Road to Recovery

Thank you to everyone who donated to Trapper John! We raised just over $1,000 to help cover the cost of his veterinary bills. We are so grateful for your support!

Trapper John 8

Trapper John’s leg was removed after he was seen dragging a steel jaw rabbit trap around in the Wallerawang area of NSW. He was emaciated and dehydrated, and had likely been caught in the trap for a few days. Inspectors were called and the cat was rushed to a local vet.

Trapper John 2 1

Trapper John is currently recovering in foster care, where he will spend a few more weeks learning and adapting to his new three-legged life. His foster carer reports that he is improving every day and adapting well. He enjoys snoozing the days away on pretty much any soft surface he can find!

Trapper John

He has two new doggy friends that are helping him with his rehabilitation, sharing meals and enjoying snuggles together. From his human carers he is getting all the TLC he deserves.

Trapper John 7

No information has been received about the person responsible for Trapper John’s injury, and those with any information are encouraged to come forward and contact RSPCA NSW’s cruelty line on 1300 CRUELTY.

It is because of amazing people like you that we are able to save animals like Trapper John. You can help animals like him by donating today!